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Sahil Dave Grade:

Hey ! i m sry i m posting this in a wrong forum but i was not able to find any other site to ask my question.

I am doing Civil engg from MNIT and i am confused that where would i land up after completing my Btech, i.e. what would be the option in front of me after the UG. please tell

also can anyone tell me a good forum so that i can ask this question.

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Prudhvi teja
83 Points

Dear Sahil

After I think you have following options

1.job - which you get from placement - It would be better if you do from iits only as you did from nit

3.M.s or phd - You can go abroad for further studies

4.MBA - It would be better if you do MBA from big colleges like IIMs or FMS delhi can go for Govt jobs like you can write UPSC for IASor IPS other wise you can go for engineering servieces.

Generally these are the options that will be taken by students

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can.we will get you the answer and detailed  solution very  quickly.

All the best.

Askiitians Experts
Prudhvi Teja


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7 years ago
Sahil Dave
4 Points

hey thanks prudhvi !!!

but i m still confused....wat sort of syllabus would be in MBA cz i dnt want to and i knw i cant study that economics and finance realted things....pls tell me the stuff in MBA...

And are there any scholarships for MS aspirants ???

7 years ago
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