Dear Sir joinig in new nit s or jntu which is best

Dear Sir

    joinig in new nit s or jntu  which is best


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Kishore IIT Bombay
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13 years ago

Dear Indraneel,

                       as per me going into JNTU will be good bcoz there will be good infra structure and labs every thing but here one thing is you can to consider..NIT brand name is vry good so you want to use that brand name then go for NIT's are also good only but we dont know how will be the placments after 4 years like that i mean we cant judge right now it may better after 4 years of your b tech life the new NIT may become old NIT and companies also may come forward to place there are two posiblites in this query but be clarity in these two..

1.If you are in andhra and be be in hyd like that and make use of infra structure and every thing then go fot JNTU

2.If u wanna use the brand name of NIT and bcoz NIT is always better than the JNTU..and also in nit there will be a lot of exposure like many people from all over the country will join n u will have better n good communication than the in JNTU..

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kishore-IIT bombay

anki hari
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12 years ago

sir, my cousin did her schooling in pondicherry ...........she secured enough marks to enter a reputed regional coll. which is nearly 50 years old ...........but she is also eligible to get into the new nit  pondicherry......... which is good........ reply me soon sir............

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