hi may know wat is the importance of state rank in aieee

hi  may know wat is the importance of state rank in aieee


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Kishore IIT Bombay
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13 years ago

Dear Monish,

                    There is a lot of importance for state rank in AIEEE bcoz there will be state quota like state which you belong will have more number of seats like 50% state resevation than the other states..for example if you belong Maharastra state then you will have 50% state quoata in NIT nagpur bcoz that nagpur is in your state and if you want to get a seat in other state then you will also have state quota but very less like for NIT warangal for Maharastra state people will have 2 seats like that types and the compettion is also very high like 

if the state rank is good and if they belong to rajsthan or Andhra pradesh it will be difficult for them if u dont belong to those states then you are having fair chances of getting NIT any how post the complete information..

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