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s adhithya s Grade:
        In general, I find maths to be tough to complete and this is despite the fact that i am not attempting at least around 10 questions. Conics is one area where i face more difficulty apart from issues with some tricky questions. Can you pl guide me?
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Simran Bhatia
348 Points

Dear Adhitya,


                   No doubts that maths is tough subject, but it is not as much tough as you have written.

You need to be much clear with allmost each and every concepts of each topic. As you have written that Conics portion is the area where you feel most difficulty, so you need to understand throughlly each and every topic of conics and once you are done with all the topics then start analyzing yourself, by solving examples.

the alternative is also that while going through each topics, you simultaneously keep on solving questions of that topic, solved examples as well as unsolved one.

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Always feel free to ask all your queries.

thanks and Reagards.

Akhilesh Shukla

8 years ago
s adhithya s
4 Points

Thank you so much Sir for the detailed reply. Actually I was very good on Conics in my 11th standard when the subject was taken up by my coaching class, but I have ended up forgetting most of my skills leading to the current situation. I have gone thro' the topic again last night in about 2 hours' time and hope to see how far it would help me in solving. In any case, I am afraid there is very little I can do now for AIEEE (though God willing, I may do OK enough), but hopefully I can do better prepration for BITSAT (May 24th).

Having said that, I see from your study material also that the steps involved are many to solve most problems and I am not sure how I would be able to solve them within the timeframe. Is it possible to suggest some sources for shortcut methods (I am generally good in mental calculations and I do try out substitutions/eliminations with success in some probs though its not always possible probably due to inadequate skill/impossible in many problems)?

Thanks & regards,


8 years ago
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