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Why the availability of fresh water varies from place to place

Why the availability of fresh water varies from place to place


2 Answers

25763 Points
3 years ago
India is diverse country with different types of climate and terrain. The fresh water resources in southern India are low as compared to the northern India. Rajasthan is a drought prone area with low amount of precipitation. On the contrary, in the north eastern states rains even become a cause of devastating floods. Therefore, The availability of water resources varies over time and place in India.
praveen kumar
144 Points
3 years ago
the sources of fresh water is mainly upon the tap water ,well water,and lakes and rivers which  depends upon the amount rainfall. the rainfall in an area depends on the climatic conditions.for example the climatic conditions in the desert and the climatic conditions in the forests are different. so there is a difference in the availabilty of rainfall .

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