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Why did the girls only have periods Why didn't boys ???

Why did the girls only have periods 
Why didn't boys ???


1 Answers

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3 years ago
No, boys do not get periods or a monthly cycle of bleeding from their genitals after attaining puberty
Menstruation is the cyclic breakdown of the inner lining of the uterine wall along with the unfertilized ova or egg.
Girls have a uterus and produce eggs. They get period to flush out the uterine lining
Boys do not have period as they do not have a uterus and do not ovulate. It means there is no uterine lining or unfertilized eggs that need to be sent out of the body.
However, just like girls, boys also go through puberty. While girls develop breasts and pubic hair, boys undergo changes such as change in their voice, growth of hair in the private parts and on the face.
Period involves not only bleeding but also certain emotional stress, which boys too can experience.

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