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Which of the following is a sink for CO ? A.Plants B.Haemoglobin C.Micro organisms present in soil D.Oceans

Which of the following is a sink for CO ?
C.Micro organisms present in soil

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 9723 Points
21 days ago
Hint: CO is carbon monoxide. Any medium which will have capability to consume carbon monoxide will act as a sink. Complete step by step answer : Sink is a medium which consumes pollutants from the environment. Pollutants refer to compounds which are harmful for our environment. Carbon sink is a kind of natural or artificial reservoir which can store carbon compounds for indefinite hours. Main carbon sinks are oceans, plants, soil and microorganisms. Plants consume carbon dioxide and after they become dead this carbon gets mixed with soil. As plants do not consume carbon monoxide it can not act as a sink . Coming to oceans , they act as a sink for excessive carbon dioxide. Without oceans carbon dioxide will accumulate more quickly resulting in a high temperature of atmosphere. Haemoglobin can act as a sink for carbon monoxide as it forms a very stable compound with CO. Soil also acts as a sink for carbon monoxide. since soil is a natural medium , so in this question I will go with option C i.e, microorganisms present in soil. Final answer to this question is C: microorganisms present in soil. Additional information: Waste powder from cutting marble can be used to scrub carbon dioxide from industrial emissions. In lab testing researchers found that waste marble powder performed better than currently used commercial calcium carbonate sorbent material for capturing carbon dioxide. Researchers found that grasslands are better sink than forests. Because trees store carbon in their leaves and woody biomass but grass stores most of its carbon underground. Note: Don’t mix up with plants and soil . Plants act as sink for carbon dioxide and soil act as sink for carbon monoxide.

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