What is the use of kink in a clinical thermometer?

What is the use of kink in a clinical thermometer?

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
Hint: To measure the correct reading in the thermometer kink is very useful. It makes the mercury level constant in the thermometer even after being taken out from the patient's body. Complete step by step answer: When you feel sick the first thing which you do is to check your body’s temperature or you can call it a fever check. Do you know which instrument you use to check your body’s temperature? Yes, its clinical thermometer. Clinical thermometer is used to check our body’s temperature. It is a special type of liquid in glass thermometers. Kink, it is used to break the mercury in the glass tube and stores the reading of the thermometer by its contraction. It helps the user to measure its correct body temperature or we can call it as the correct reading in the thermometer. We know we shake the thermometer before using it but why? It’s because by shaking the thermometer mercury reaches to its normal level and we can find the correct reading. Even when we take the thermometer out of our body, we see the correct reading. Why is it so? It’s just because of kink. Kink in the clinical thermometer helps to prohibit the falling of mercury present in the capillary tube into the bulb ensuring that a person should get the correct reading even after taking the thermometer out from his/her mouth. So, in the Conclusion kink plays a very vital role in measuring the temperature in the clinical thermometer and without kink taking the correct reading is not possible. Note: Always remember to find the accurate reading of kink is very necessary as it prevents the falling of raised mercury level and measures the correct temperature of the person’s body.

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