what is meant by isobar isoelectronic isotones isomers with example

what is meant by
  1. isobar
  2. isoelectronic
  3. isotones
  4. isomers with example 


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Abishek arun
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8 years ago
ISOBARS  –  Elements having same mass number.  Ex : 6C14, 7N14  ( ZXA  where A is similar)
ISOELECTRONIC – Species or atom having same number of electrons.  Ex : Na+, O- -, F-, Al3+, N3-
ISOTONES – Species of atom having same number of neutrons. Ex:  5B11, 6C12 (ZXA where A-Z is similar)
ISOMERS – Molecules having same molecular formula but differs in their structure.
               Ex : C2H5 – OH,  CH3 – O – CH3  have same molecular formula.

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