what are vectors? I need the full topic of Vectors and thier sums.

what are vectors?
I need the full topic of Vectors and thier sums.


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Hinal Srivastava
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8 years ago
a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to called a vector
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8 years ago
Vector is any quantity which has a magnitude and a direction. It is depicted by an arrow with the arrow head pointing towards the direction of the vector.
Example of a vector would be, force, velocity ( while speed is a scalar, and has magnitude only) , displacement (while distance has magnitude only).
When two vectors A and B are present touching each other at their base, making an angle \Theta with each other,
The magnitude of the resultant is given by
R = (A2 + B2 + 2AB cos\Theta)1/2 , and the direction of the resultant R given in terms of angle made by it with one of the vectors is:
tan \Phi = A sin \Theta / B + A cos \Theta  where \Phi is the angle between resultant R and vector B.
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8 years ago
  • To specify some physical quantity magnitude and directions are needed and also obey laws of vector addition is called vector quantity
  • Example : displacement,  velocity,  acceleration, weight (5N means magnitude 5 and direction is vertically downwards
  • Current does not follow vector addition so it is a scalar quantity
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