What are the types of muscular tissue? Explain in detail.

What are the types of muscular tissue? Explain in detail.

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1. Skeletal muscles
These muscles are related to skeletal components of the body. 
They have striped appearance, hence, they are also called straited muscles. 
These muscles are also called voluntary muscles because their activities are under voluntary control of the somatic nervous system. 
These muscles are primarily involved in locomotory actions and changes of body postures. 

2. Smooth muscles- 
Smooth muscles or nonstraited muscles are so called because they do not exhibit any striation and are smooth in appearance. 
They are also known as visceral muscles because they are located in the inner walls of hollow visceral organs of the body like the alimentary canal, reproductive tract, etc. 
Their activities cannot be voluntarily controlled and are therefore called involuntary muscles. 
They assist, for example, in the transportation of food through the digestive tract and gametes through the genital tract.
3. Cardiac muscles- 
As the name suggests, these muscles are the muscles of the heart. 
Many cardiac muscle cells assemble in a branching pattern to form a cardiac muscle. 
They are striated and involuntary in nature. 
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