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Name 10 Living and Non living things.

Name 10 Living and Non living things.

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 9723 Points
20 days ago
Hint: Living things are categorised under those things which do all the normal functions like Growth, Respiration, Movement, reproduction, sensation, Regulation, Homeostasis and energy processing. Non-LIving things are categorised under those things which do not perform the above mentioned functions. Complete answer TEN LIVING THINGS 1. PLANTS 2. HUMANS 3. ANIMALS 4. INSECTS 5. BIRDS 6. AMPHIBIANS 7. REPTILES 8. MICRO-ORGANISMS 9. AQUATIC ANIMALS 10. LICHENS TEN NON-LIVING THINGS 1. TABLE 2. CHAIR 3. TELEVISION 4. BOOKS 5. NEWSPAPER 6. CLOTHES 7. CURTAINS 8. BAG 9. PEN 10. BED Note: All those things which are able to perform the vital functions needed for the survival like, growth, respiration, reproduction, sensitivity, movement, homeostasis are called living things All those things which are not able to perform these functions will be termed under Non-living things.

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