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List two differences between saprophytic and holozoic nutrition.

List two differences between saprophytic and holozoic nutrition.

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 9723 Points
14 days ago
Hint: The process of taking in food and utilizing the nutrients from it to produce energy for maintaining body functions is called nutrition. Two types of nutrition are- autotrophic and heterotrophic. Saprophytic and holozoic are heterotrophic modes of nutrition. Complete answer: Following are the differences between saprophytic and holozoic nutrition. Saprophytic Nutrition Holozoic Nutrition Organisms obtain their nutrients from dead and decaying organic matter. It involves ingestion and digestion of food materials which are then absorbed and assimilated to produce energy. It is seen in fungi and bacteria. It is observed in higher organisms like vertebrates. Dead and decaying organic matter is used. Complex organic food material is used. Such organisms do not have a complete digestive system. Such organisms have a complete digestive system. Nutrients are absorbed through the cell wall. Nutrients are absorbed through the digestive system. Additional information: Nutrients are the substances that provide energy and biomolecules required by the body to perform various functions. The process of obtaining nutrients from food and converting it into energy is called nutrition. There are two types of nutrition- A. Autotrophic nutrition- Some organisms are capable of preparing their own food using inorganic molecules, they are called autotrophs and such mode of nutrition is called autotrophic nutrition. B. Heterotrophic nutrition- Some organisms cannot prepare their own food and are dependent on other organisms for their nutrition, these are called heterotrophs and this mode of nutrition is called heterotrophic nutrition. Heterotrophs can be further classified into- 1. Parasites 2. Saprophytes 3. Holozoic Note: Saprophytes are also known as scavengers. Saprophytic nutrition helps in recycling nutrients in the environment. Saprophytes also help in cleaning the environment as they utilize the waste dead organic matter from the surroundings. Birds like crows fall under saprophytes.

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