important nots for class 9 “matter in our surroundings”chemistry

important nots for class 9 “matter in our surroundings”chemistry


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Everything found in this universe is made up of some materials, scientists have named them as “matter.” For example, the food we eat, the air we breathe, stones, clouds, stars, plants, animals, water, dust, everything is categorized as matter.
Characteristics of Particles of Matter
Particles of matter are very small, normally, not visible from naked eye.
Particles Of Matter
Particles of matter keep moving continuously, which is known as the “kinetic energy.”
Kinetic energy of particles directly depends on the temperature, as temperature increases, the speed of the movement also increases.
The particles of matter have attracting force; therefore, they attract each other.
The attracting force of the particles keeps the particles together; however, the strength of the attracting force varies from one kind of matter to another.
States of Matter
Matter has three following states −
Solid State
Liquid State
Gaseous State
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First and foremost important is Ncert books. 
For further notes, find below :
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