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Grade: 9
How should i prepare for BIG BANG EDGE....???
I don’t have much time left...only one day is left...
7 months ago

Answers : (2)

Vikas TU
11142 Points
Dear student 
In BIG BANG there are 2 Papers
1st paper is Very can score easily by studying School textbooks.
2nd paper is Really Hard if You Don't Study Books from higher class. For eg. 2nd paper of 9th class contain Some question from class 11th mainly Physics. But Maths question will not be asked from higher class but 2nd paper contain all maths question very tricky. So ,prepare Maths From IIT Foundation BOOK. Chemistry are not at all tough you can score by studying any Side book of Chemistry. I would also like To suggest that Study BIO from side book not NCERT as many questions from BIO direct Comes from Side Books.
If you are in Class 9th...Study physics from class 11th book but only those " Topics " which are coming in BIG BANG. Same applied for class 10th from Class 12th physics book only those Those topics which are coming.
2nd paper Maths will be Really Harder. Practice Maths from RS Aggarwal , RD Sharma , KC SINHA....and IIT FOUNDATION Mathematics.
I am in Class 10th and I have studied physics from class 12th...and For Maths I have arranged Fiitjee Compendium from one of my Friend which is Really very helpful.

Best of Luck....For BIG BANG
7 months ago
Yashraj Tatu
327 Points
For clearing these kind of exams you need to study in advance, for example, if you are a class 9 student then try to complete your course of class 9 with daily self study as fast as you can and then start studying the concepts of class 10 according to the syllabus of any particular exam
22 days ago
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