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How do i start preparing for JEE from 9 th and also tell me important books for RMO coz my PRMO went quite well

How do i start preparing for JEE from 9th and also tell me important books for RMO coz my PRMO went quite well


2 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
one year ago
Dear student 
If you are in class 9 th than trust me . It is not as much tough . You are thinking .one of my friend cleared RMO in class 9 th by daily practicing .
Every thing needs efforts .
IMO( conducted by SOF ) - international mathematics olympiad. It is conducted class wise . So you don't need to take as much tension.
Solve r.d sharma . Many of the questions comes from there . If you will focus on one of the books . Then you will definitely clear both the level without sweat .
Practice aptitude questions .
Have a time management.
INMO - it is one of the toughest exam . After clearing RMO then only you can Give this .
Don't worry about INMO.
Firstly focus on exam like NSO , NTSE (class 10 ), RMO ,IMO , kvpy ( class 11 , 12 ), IPHO ,INCHO..etc..
And then comes Jee mains and advanced.
Class 9 th is called the foundation of JEE .
In many of the coaching ..they start preparing students for JEE .
Hope it helps .
Thanks .
915 Points
one year ago
try pearson education book or asskiitian books a s they are best tool s for it 
best wishes for rmo.............................

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