how can i prepare for my science exam?

how can i prepare for my science exam?


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9 years ago
by studying,making notes ,solving previous question paper,etc.....
Ashwin Satheesh
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9 years ago
you can learn science by studing first, then practice and at last practicing last year papers
Saloni Rakholiya
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9 years ago
Some tips are very common but not effective. i have a bunch of tips that really really helps a lot :
  1. study the book thorouly instead of mugging up understand the concept .
  2. Write up the important points .
  3. Remember all  the terms in the book and what they mean.
  4. Dont forget to have rest in between.
  5. while studying , sit where there is no tv no music or anything of distraction
  6. Try to make up your own questions like – how? when? where?what? etc. this helps u to think out of the box and also understand the whole concept.
  7. dont mugg up the question answers.
  8. try to use scientific terms while answering (science language)
  9. use practice papers
  10. explain yourself what u have learnt....
hope this helps u cause it has helped me alot....:)

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