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the question is attached (the circled ones)

the question is attached (the circled ones)

Question Image

1 Answers

Yash Baheti IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 97 Points
6 years ago

I have already answered Q. 43 in previous thread.
Now for Q.44, Look, the tank is half filled , ie. 12 m^3 is holding 12000 lts of water. (This is also a reality as 1 dm^3 is 1 lts, or 1 m^3 is 1000 lts ) So clearly to accomodate 6000 lts of water we need 6m^3 volume more.
But our surface area is 12m^2 i.e. we need ½ m height to accomodate this extra 6000 lts.

So ans is 50 Cms.

You need to choose the no of flowers from each type of flowers such that, equal no of bunches can be made.

I.e. If I choose 2 from carnations than 50 bunches can be made.
In order to make 50 bunches from tulips and lillies you need to take 3 tulips and 4 lillies.
So 50 bunches of 2 Carnations, 3 tulips and 4 lillies can be made.
So answer is 9 flowers in a bunch.

You may ask that why we are choosing from carnations first, its because it has lowest no. of flowers. Also why we didnt choose 1 carnation for our bunch because, choosing 1 carnations means that carnations has a potential of 100 bunches.
Now if you want to make 100 bunches from 150 tulips you need to put 1.5 tulips in each bunch which is not possible, so we moved to 2.

Other possible combinations are choosing 4 from carnation, 6 from tulips and 8 from lillies, this will give us 25 such bunches of 18 flowers in each.

So the idea is to find 3 nos (which is no of flowers to be taken from each bunch) which will divide , 100, 150, and 200 giving equal quotient (which is no of bunches).

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