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Grade: 9
In triABC ,D and E are the points on AC and AB respectively .BD and CE intersect at F .If the areas of triEBF, triBFC ,triFDC are 10,20,16 respectively then find the area of quadrilateral AEFD
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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i think there is some error in the  q   as  by mid point theorum , ar tri ebf = ar tri dfc as  tri ebc and tri dbc are = coz they are on same base bc and bet same paralles bc and ed (ed||bc as m.p.t. ) thus ar ebc=ar dbc … and ebf +bfc =ebc and dfc +bfc=dbc so bef=dfc but in q they gave they are diff (ar = 10 and 16 resp)
thus the q is wrng! thanks 
10 months ago
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