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Grade: 9
i am preparing for RMO by self studying can you suggest a book for inequalities (am-gm CAUCHY SHWAZ and many more ] i want a book which has theory as well as alot of problems to solve.
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

Umakant biswal
5349 Points
@ ajay 
i think r s agarwal will be a better book for you , it have a lot of ques alongwith that theory and solved example . 
but check that , if not then go with s chand or r dsharma , they are also good . 
3 years ago
mycroft holmes
272 Points
There are several free online handouts which would help you learn inequalities.
  1. You can start with a gentle introduction with a handout by Riasat ( Riasat Inequalities)Then progress to Inequalties by Mildorf 
  1. Also read Inequalities by Kedlaya 
  2. A splendid discussion on the basic inequaities can is Cauchy Schwarz Master Class, many free copies of which are floating around on the net
  3. Thereafter you can look at advanced references like:  (a) Old and New Inequalities by Titu Andreescu (b) Secrets in Inequalities by Pham Kim Hung. The second book has lots of solved illustrations and is a must-read if you are a serious competitor. Both books can be found online (!)
Apart from this you can always head over to art of problem solving site and look at the Olympiad Inequalities section, which has problems and solutions from olympiad competitors from all over the world.
Good Luck!
3 years ago
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