How can I learn for International Maths Olympiad for class 9

How can I learn for International Maths Olympiad for class 9


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Vikas TU
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7 years ago
If U urge to learn then first try to complete your Maths NCERT 9th class problems and examples.
Then move to 10th class NCERT books and pratice as well many questions U can.
Find apprropriate maths aptitude questions and answers and do as well by proper planning day by day.
Umakant biswal
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7 years ago
@ ananya 
u can join for askiitians foundation olympiad programme for that , they are awesome at their level of concept clearing . 
and also , there are a book avaliable of mtg publication for olympiad , do follow that , that is the best for olympiad prep . 
and also dnt forget to look at the last 6 year paper that is avaliable on askiitian probbaly , if not go to NSO website for that . 
in olympiad the main thing is time , u ned to manage that and if u are clear with ncert then u can solve 60 percent of ques easily . 
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6 years ago
First, be prepared with the NCERT textbook. Then go for RS aggarwal and then for RD Sharma. After completing RD Sharma, you can solve most of the questions. If you still want to do more questions, you can refer other books or solve online question papers too.
Harshit Panwar
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6 years ago
Refer Study material provided by IMO......
Or just search IMO previous years paper from internet.
Hope it helps you..
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6 years ago
It`s better u calculate everything in mind study all the portion in mathematics NCERT text of class 9 and some sample question paper and the international mathematics Olympiad reference book all the best for the exam
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6 years ago
You can continue your stuty as further and solve more and more example By thisYou get more basic knowledge
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6 years ago
You just need to read ncert books till class 9 that is all no extra preparation is required. Also you require just  basic aptitude skills
All the best........!!!!!!!!

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