Express 0.6And0.9in the form of p q where pandqare integers and q≠0

Express 0.6And0.9in the form of pqwhere pandqare integers and q≠0


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4 years ago
In0.6 , 6 is at tenth place so. If we have to write it in the form of p/q ,where pand q are integers and q is not equal to 0 then it will be only written as 6/10. Now if you notice it can be converted to it's lowest form. So after cutting we will get 3/5 which is required answer. 
Similarly if we look at 0.9. We will again notice that here 9is also present at tenth place so can be written as9/10.  As you notice here 9 and10  have no common factor other than one so 9/10is our o ly required answer.

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