7 hours = ____________ a fraction of a day.

7 hours = ____________ a fraction of a day.

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
This problem just deals with basic fractions in mathematics. We should be able to write the mathematical expressions from the given information. Here we are asked to find out the fraction of a day for 7 hours. One day has 24 hours. Hence 24 hours makes one day. Complete step-by-step answer: We have to find how much of a day is this 7 hours. That is, we have to find out what fraction of one day makes the 7 hours. No. of hours in day = 24 hours. No. of days in 24 hours = 1 day. ⇒ 24 hours = 1 day ∴ 1 hour = 124 day So 7 hours makes how many days, is given below: ⇒ 7 hours = 7×124 day As we are calculating for 7 hours, hence multiplying the fraction 124 day with 7, in order to get the value of fraction of a day for 7 hours, as given below: ⇒ 7 hours = 724 day. ∴ 7 hours make a fraction of 724 a day. Final Answer: 7 hours = 724 fraction of a day. Note: Please note that we can solve this in another way which is slightly different from the method solved here. We know that 24 hours make a day, hence 12 hours makes half a day which is 12 day, and hence 6 hours makes quarter of a day which is 14 day. Therefore 1 hour makes 124 day. So in order to find what fraction of a day makes 7 hours is nothing but adding 1 hour to 6 hours which given by the sum of 14 day and 124 day, which is equal to 14+124=724 day, which is the same as the final answer obtained.

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