Who were the Peshwas?

Who were the Peshwas?

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Pawan Prajapati
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Peshwas were the faithful Ministers in Maratha Empire who were appointed to give assistance to the king in state affairs. Peshwas were also known as Mukhya Pradhan who initially headed the advisory council of Shivaji Bhonsale who ruled from 1659 to 1680. Complete Step by Step answer: Peshwas were initially Prime Ministers to Maratha emperors but later commanded the Maratha empire till British East India Company came to power. The first Peshwa was Moropanti Pingle. He was appointed by Shivaji as the head of the council of eight ministers known as Ashta Pradhan. After the death of Shivaji, his grandson Shahu appointed Balaji Vishwanath Bhat as Peshwa in 1714. Balaji’s son Baji Rao I secured the inherited succession to the peshwaship. After Shahu’s death, Peshwa Baji Rao became the effective ruler of Maharashtra. The office of Peshwa was most powerful under Baji Rao I who reigned from 1720 to 1740. Peshwa Bajiro was an important figure after Shivaji in the formation of Maratha kingdom which was a powerful force in 18th century India. After 1772, succession discourses weakened the peshwa’s authority. Peshwas, led by Baji Rao II were defeated by the Maratha rulers of Indore who were known as Holkars. After this dedeat, Baji Rao II seeked protection by Britishers in the Treaty of Bassein in 1802. Note: Please answer the question in a way which is demanded by the question. Write about the Peshwas and their history rather than concentrating the whole answer in and around only one personality.

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