The aim of the Ganga Action plan is to install________ for 27 cities at the bank of the river.

The aim of the Ganga Action plan is to install________ for 27 cities at the bank of the river.

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
Hint: The Ganga is the largest river basin of the country India. It expands over an area of 2525 km. The Ganges harbours nearly forty percent of the population of the country. Complete answer: The Ganga Mission plan is a National plan for India. Bearing the largest population of the country, it is necessary to keep it threat-free for the sake of human health and a healthy environment. The Ganga Action plan aims to serve this purpose. The Ganga Action plan was launched in India on 14th January 1986 by Rajiv Gandhi. Its main objective was to protect the river from the hazards of pollution. It aims at improving the quality of its water and preventing further pollution. It acts by preventing the industrial waste from being dumped into the waters. It acts by treating the sewage before it is discharged into the water bodies. The treatment of the sewage is done by various techniques. The treatment required the instalment of sewage treatment plants in 27 cities. This was to prevent the further addition of the toxic substances to the water bodies. Before dumping the sewage waste into the rivers it is treated in the plant to remove the toxic chemicals. Note: The Ganga Action plan also declared the Ganga as the National river of India. The Ganga Action plan has not achieved any success. The expenditure of nearly two thousand crores was made for the success of the plan which remained unsuccessful even after the huge efforts made for the betterment of the river Ganga.

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