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In which year the Bombay Association was formed? 1. 1852 2. 1851 3. 1854 4. 1856

In which year the Bombay Association was formed?
1. 1852
2. 1851
3. 1854
4. 1856

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 9723 Points
14 days ago
Hint:The Bombay Association was formed by Jagannath Shankar Sheth. This was the first political organization in Bombay presidency. Complete answer: The members of Bombay Association are Sir Jamshedji Jejibhai, Dadabhai Naoroji, Naoroji Fursungi and Vinayak Shankar Sheth. Sir Jamshedji Jejibhai was the first president of the organization. It was established to vent the grievances to the British. Jagannath Shankar Sheth was the first Chairman. Vinayak Shankar Sheth and Dr.Bhau Daji Lad were the Secretary of the organization. Naoroji Furdoonji was a parsi reformer and this organization was the first political organization in Bombay Presidency. Before this organization was formed Madras native Association was founded in Madras Presidency by Gajulu Lakshminarasu Chetty in 1849. But these organizations could not last long as they were local in character. Jagannath Shankar Sheth the founder of the Bombay association was the first Indian to be nominated to the Legislative Council of Bombay and was also a member of the Asiatic Society of Bombay, where Indians were not allowed. He played a role of community leader-reformer to outlaw the practice of Sati. He has put his personal wealth for the development of the city. He was an Indian philanthropist and educationalist who has spent his life for the improvements in education. The Bombay Association was formed in the year 1852. Thus, the option 1. 1852 is correct. Note:The Bombay Association was the first political organization formed to vent the public grievances to the British.

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