Growth of plant is a : A . physical change B . chemical change C . both A and B D . none of the above

Growth of plant is a :
A . physical change
B . chemical change
C . both A and B
D . none of the above

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Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 60787 Points
2 years ago
Hint: Lets understand about growth of plants ,plant structure consists of shoots, bud ,leaves and flowers. Plants generate tissues throughout their life . Growth in plants can be in the form of increasing their thickness , length of the shoot, growth in their roots. Complete step-by-step solution - Growth of plants is chemical change or physical change. This can be understood by knowing about physical change and chemical change of plants . So let's first know about chemical change in plants during the process of photosynthesis plants take sunlight from the sun and convert it to chemical energy such as sugar .This energy is helpful in their growth. Now understand what is physical change means anything is changing which we can notice but it is not forming any new chemical. The growth of the plant is because of its chemical change as photosynthesis produces so many chemicals which are helpful in the growth of plants unlike physical change just give some notice worthy thing. So option B is the correct answer to this problem which is chemical change. Note: We come to know that chemical change not only alters the substance’s physical properties but actually changes into something new and physical change does not produce a new substance for example water can be converted in ice which is a physical change but its chemical properties remain the same. So the reason for growth of plants is chemical change where the plant changes its shape ,size and etc but it does not produce any new substance while chemical change produces new substances to the plant.

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