Explain how fertilisers are different from manure?give both example?

Explain how fertilisers are different from manure?give both example?


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Ganji Abhinav
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6 years ago
Fertilisers are prepared in factories.they have all the three important plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium . they do not emit any bad smell.but they cause alot of pollution.ex ammonium sulphate .
Manure is a natural product. it is prepared naturally in the field .and it mostly doesnt have the three important plant nutrients . 
it emits a bad smell.ex sewage sludge
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6 years ago
What is the difference between manure and fertilizer? What are they used for?AnswerFollow· 7▾ Have this question too? Request Answers:Request From QuoraWe will distribute this question to writers, and notify you about new answers.Vethaiya BalasubramanianVethaiya Balasubramanian, Freelance consultant at Freelancing (2006-present)126 Answers in FarmingPrasanta MisraPrasanta Misra, I am an agricultural engineer from IIT Kharagpur with MBA from IIM Ahmedabad32 Answers in FarmingGagan MadaharGagan Madahar, studied at Guru Teg Bahadur Public School6 Answers in FarmingView More or Search6 ANSWERSTravis BorstmayerTravis Borstmayer, Farm-kid/City-kid hybridAnswered Sep 5, 2016All manure is fertilizer, but not all fertilizer is manureManure is animal poop. Usually it comes from farm animals such as cows, horses, goats, sheep, etc. The manure contains a lot of nitrogen, which is an essential Ingredient for plant growth.However lots if farmers use Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) to provide plants with the nitrogen they need.Although manure and ammonia can both be used to meet a plants nitrogen needs, ammonia isn`t manure, it`s fertilizer.There are also other fertilizers like potash, which contains another key ingredient for plant growth: potassium (potassium gets its name from potash)Manure refers to none of these things. Manure is animal poop.
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6 years ago
Manure are organic and do not harm or pollute the environment whereas fertilizers are dangerous to environment also us if they somehow get into our food chain.
praveen kumar
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6 years ago
manure are the naturally prepared organic material usally they are prepare by the degradation micro organisms in the cow dung in a pit. it helps the field to get rich nutrients and to get good yield.
 where as the fertilizers are the chemically made compounds which also used to get the good yield but for a longer use they degrate the fertility of the soil.
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