Double Circulation of heart I didn't understood the topic

Double Circulation of heart I didn't understood the topic


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7 years ago
It is about two types of circulation functioned by heart. One is pumping blood from heart to other parts of body and another is pumping blood to lungs to get oxidised blood.Iis it clear?
Sheetal kumari
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6 years ago
Double circulation of heart takes place in mammals and birdsFirstly the deoxygenated blood from parts of body enter right atrium from where it goes to lungs through pulmonary artery then oxygenated blood from lungs enter left atrium through pulmonary vein this is termed as pulmonary circulation then blood from left atrium enter left ventricle from whre it goes into body thtough aorta and this is called systemic circulation
Scholr Boy
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5 years ago

The majority of mammals (including humans) utilize a double circulatory system. This means we have two loops in our body in which blood circulates. One is oxygenated, meaning oxygen rich, and the other is deoxygenated, which means it has little to no oxygen, but a lot of carbon dioxide.

Double circulatory systems are important because they ensure that we are giving our tissues and muscles blood full of oxygen, instead of a mixture of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. While it may take a bit more energy than a single circulatory system, this system is much more efficient!

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