what is inequalities?????

what is inequalities?????


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Inequalitytells you about therelative sizeof two values.
Example: Alex and Billy have a race, and Billy wins!
What do we know?
We don't knowhow fastthey ran, but we do know that Billy was faster than Alex:
Billy was faster than Alex
We can write that down like this:
b > a
(Where "b" means how fast Billy was, ">" means "greater than", and "a" means how fast Alex was)
The two most common inequalities are:
> isgreater than example5 > 2
< isless than example7 < 9
≥ isgreater thanor equal to example isx ≥ 1
≤ isless thanor equal to example isy ≤
All the above given are called inequalities

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