Math chapter no. 13 NCERT class 8 page no. 203 solve the do this

Math chapter no. 13 NCERT class 8 page no. 203 solve the do this


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2 years ago
Heyy! Page 203 of the 8th grade NCERT textbook does not contain any exercise or question to solve as such. Could you please elaborate on the question you want an answer to? Do try putting up the question directly, and I shall definitely answer. Hope this helps you! 
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2 years ago
  1. Practice previous year questions many times..
  2. Appear for a test series and analyse it properly (Giving 2–3 hours)
  3. Revise your notes multiple times till they enter your soul :)
  4. Find your strong points and chapters, work on them..
  5. Solve other people’s doubts. It makes your own concepts very clear
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10 months ago
Mention the questions pls.. As the page no you mentioned did not have any exercise. So, try tho to mention the question so we are able to answer

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