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I can't understand tha topic of comparing quantities For that what can I do Please give me some advice

I can't understand tha topic of comparing quantities 
For that what can I do 
Please give me some advice 


3 Answers

Latika Leekha
askIITians Faculty 165 Points
6 years ago
Hello student,
Mathematics is all about practice and there is no shortcut to hardwork. First of all, just forget that it is a chapter of your mathematics book and try to understand the concepts one by one. You can begin by watching some videos online on the chapter of comparing quantities. That will not only help in clearing your concepts but will also help you develop interest in it. Don’t ever try to mug up the questions; just try to analyze how a particular question has been solved. Go step by step and try to understand one type of questions first. Once you gain confidence in a particular type, move on to the next one.
Moreover, you can also try to relate these concepts to your daily life experiences. But, as you know mathematics is all about practice, so practice is the only key to success. Believe that you can do it, videos can help you develop interest and mission will be accomplished.
Hope this helps!
Saloni Rakholiya
104 Points
6 years ago
You can check the net to get some educational videos
1698 Points
6 years ago
revisit your book for better understanding or ask your teacher rather than wasting time on internet
plz approve if useful

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