how to add two fractions with different denominators together

how to add two fractions with  different denominators together


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6 years ago
Two fraction with different denominator can be add by taking L.C.M of denominator eg.- 4/6+6/8. Now if you know how to calculate L.C.M.(of 6&8) then it comes to 24 now divide this L.C.M my by respectively denominators as 24 /6 and 24/8 i.e 4 and 3 now multiply these by respective numerators as 4x4. And 3x6 16 +18 and divide by the L.C.M calculated earlier. Final 34/24 is the answer. Try it in rough and you will understood. Don`t forgot to approve.
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5 years ago
take lcm of the denominators by multiplying them and then divide the product obtained by each of the denominators and then multiply with the  numeraators the answer will be correct....

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