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Grade: 7
Why does an athelute breath faster and deeper then usal after finishing the race? 
9 months ago

Answers : (3)

Vikas TU
11771 Points
Dear student 
When the athlete runs in therace, his body needs more oxygen. His rate of breathing increases so that more oxygen can be supplied to the body. This is the reason, an athleteneeds to breathe faster and deeper than usual; after finishing the race. When the athlete runs in the race, our body needs more energy.
Hope this helps 
Good Luck 
9 months ago
24740 Points
Our body needs energy for all activities, which is provided by oxidation of food during respiration. During intense physical activities like running, there is larger demand of energy to perform these activities. Hence, more oxygen is required to meet this extra demand of energy. Therefore, an athlete breathes faster and deeper than usual after finishing the race so as to provide extra oxygen and hence extra energy to the body.
9 months ago
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because they have anaerobic respiration which is not efficient
so more time breath is taken
hope u will understand
3 months ago
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