What were factory sites?

What were factory sites?

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Pawan Prajapati
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There were many sites that archaeologists have found which gave evidence of hunter and gatherers. They lived in many different places and only some have been found. Many sites where they live and make tools were located near sources of rivers, waters and lakes. Complete answer: As stone tools were very important people try to find places where good quality stones were easily available. Such places where stones were easily found and people can make tools are known as factory sites. Historians and archaeologists have found about these sites by finding blocks of stone tools that they may have discarded because they were not perfect and chips of waste stone that they left behind at these factory sites. Sometimes hunter and gatherers lived at the sides for a longer period of time and therefore they were called as habitation cum factory sites. Archaeologists define sites as a place where the remains of things such as pots, tools, buildings etc were found they were made, used and left behind by hunter and gatherers or the people who may live there. Sometimes these things were found on the surface of the earth or under the earth or sometimes even underwater. Hence factory sites were the places where people sometimes live. These include Rock and cave Shelters. Note: Bhimbetka, present-day in Madhya Pradesh is an example of habitation sites where people lived. The site includes Rock and cave Shelters. People usually choose natural caves because they act as a shield against rain, wind, heat etc. Natural Shelters are also found in winters and the Deccan plateau which are close to the Narmada valley and were used by the people.

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