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Q.2. Describe the different methods of asexual reproduction. Give examples.

Q.2. Describe the different methods of asexual reproduction. Give examples.

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 25799 Points
11 months ago
Different methods of asexual reproduction are: (a) Binary Fission: This process takes place in unicellular organisms. Parent cell elongates and gets divided into two identical daughter cells. Each daughter cell grows into an independent adult. (b) Endospore Formation: In this method the spore wall is formed around a bacterial cell to form an endospore. This endospore germinates to form an active bacterium under favourable conditions. (c) Fragmentation: In this process, body of the organism breaks up into two parts. Then each part grows into a new filament thus forming two organisms from a single one. (d) Spore Formation: The spores are tiny spherical unicellular structures protected by thick wall. The spores are stored in a hard outer covering and this is called sporangium. Under favourable conditions the hard cover breaks and spores spread for germination. (e) Budding: In yeast, new organisms are produced by the bud formation from the parent organism. After growing to full size, the bud gets detached and forms a new independent individual. (f) Vegetative propagation: When vegetative parts of a plant like stems, leaves and root etc., give rise to new ones, it is.called vegetative propagation.

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