explain effect of water scarcity on plant? what is drip irrigation?

explain effect of water scarcity on plant?
what is drip irrigation?


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Harshit Singh
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Dear Student

Water Scarcity may lead to :
Reduced Photosynthesis – In case of water deficiency, plants will slow down their entire production mechanism and rearrange the photosynthesis apparatus leading to stomatal closure. The reduced amount of chlorophyll negatively impacts plant life.
Protein Synthesis Issues – Plant proteins are also drastically reduced and you will find that it’s of the main reasons of gene alteration. Furthermore, this stress almost always leads to membrane disturbances, hence affecting lipids that are crucial for plant growth.
Wilting-Tugor Pressure – Plants that don’t get enough water will wilt sooner than later. Oftentimes this is due to cell inflation.

Drip irrigationis a type ofmicro-irrigationsystem that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowingwaterto drip slowly to therootsof plants, either from above thesoilsurface or buried below the surface. The goal is to place water directly into theroot zoneand minimizeevaporation.


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