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Grade: 7
A shop keeper bought 7/9 kg of potatoes. He packed them in to packets. Each containing 14/63 kg of potatoes. Haw many packets of potatoes did he make ?
5 months ago

Answers : (3)

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Dear student
number of packets = total weight / weight of one packet =
\frac{7/9}{14/63} = \frac{7* 63}{9*14} = \frac{49}{14} = 3.5\frac{7/9}{14/63} = \frac{7* 63}{9*14} = \frac{49}{14} = 3.5 = 4 packets
Hope it helps
In case of any difficulty, Please feel free to ask
5 months ago
Satish sahu
14 Points
Hello Dakshi,
A shopkeeper bought potatoes=7/9 kg
Each packet containing potatoes=14/63 kg
Packets of potatoes he made=(7/9)/(14/63)
          =3.5 =4
Since Packet is always full.
Hence packets made are 4.
I hope it helps you.
5 months ago
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number of packets = t weight / weight of a sigle  packet
no.of packets
=7/9 multiplied by63/14 
so ans is 4
one month ago
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