Write the difference between formal education and non formal and in formal education

Write the difference between formal education  and non formal and in formal education 


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Aadarsh Mohan Sinha
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one year ago
When education is delivered systemically in a structured environment like school and university by teachers who are trained in the profession, it is referred to as formal education.
An organized educational activity, which is out of the preview of the formal education system, more centered on the learner than a general curriculum, is called as non-formal education. There are no specific age inclusions or other exclusions in the target group for non-formal education groups.
Informal learning takes place outside schools and colleges and arises from the learner’s involvement in activities that are not undertaken with a learning purpose in mind. Informal learning is involuntary and an inescapable part of daily life; for that reason, it is sometimes called experiential learning. Learning that is formal or non-formal is partly intentional and partly incidental: when we consciously pursue any learning target we cannot help learning things that are not part of that target. Informal learning, however, is exclusively incidental.
Sailikith Nallabirudu
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one year ago
Formal education takes place full-time and does not permit other parallel activities, especially productive work. Non-formal education is part-time, and activities may be timed in a variety of ways to meet the needs and convenience of learners.

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