Why are Tropical rainforests called ‘Evergreen’ forests?

Why are Tropical rainforests called ‘Evergreen’ forests?


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Yashi jain
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5 years ago
Because they never shed their leaves and form canopy. These are rainforests which remain green throught the year.
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4 years ago
tropical rainforests are called evergreen forests as they have no specific season to shed their leaves hence remain green throughout the year giving the name evergreen
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3 years ago

It is called a tropical evergreen forest because there is never a time of year when the trees have no leaves. The leaves drop a few at a time but not enough to make the trees look like northern deciduous trees.

Many northern trees drop all of their leaves and go dormant in the coldest months of the year. Some northern trees “leaves” are more needle shaped. Those northern trees are also called evergreen trees.

In the tropical latitudes there is plenty of sun and it is warm all year round. No need to drop the leaves in winter.

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