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What kind of change occurs when a pot is made of clay

What kind of change occurs when a pot is made of clay


3 Answers

25763 Points
2 years ago

Potter shaping clay to make pots - Reversible change.

This is because it is still possible to mould back the pot into its first form as clay and there is no new products formed.

Baking pots in oven - Irreversible change.

This is because it is not possible to change back the baked pot into the raw one.If we try to do it,the pot would break up into pieces,which cannot be reversed.

Sayantan Garai
117 Points
2 years ago
I guess the answer is Physical change.
Varsha Shivanand K
56 Points
2 years ago
Shaping the clay to make the pot is physical change as only the physical properties of the clay i.e.size and shape is changed in the process, no new substance is formed. It is a temporary change and is reversible. 
Whereas baking the clay to make the pot is a chemical change as there is a change in the chemical properties and a new substance is formed.  It is a permanent change and  is irreversible. 

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