what is the colour of phenopthalein paper in ​acids bases

what is the colour of phenopthalein paper in
  1. ​acids
  2. bases


4 Answers

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6 years ago
the colour of phenopthalein is the following:
  1. it is totally transparent in colour in acids
  2. it has a light pinkish colour in bases
Ritika Das
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6 years ago
Phenolphthalein changes colour sharply at about pH 8. 
The acid base indicator is colourless in neutral solution, pink in alkaline or basic solution and again colourless in acidic solution.
Harshit Panwar
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6 years ago
Phenolpthalein remains Colourless in acidic medium whereas it changes to Pink in basic medium.
Hope it helps
Sayantan Garai
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4 years ago
Phenolphthalein is colourless in acidicand nutral medium. It is pink in bases.

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