what is the colour of litmus paper in acid bases alkali

 what is the colour of litmus paper in
  1. acid
  2. bases
  3. alkali


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5 years ago
the colour of litmus is as following:
  1. a red colour in acids
  2. a blue colour in bases
  3. a blue colour in alkali (as alkali are bases)
Ritika Das
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5 years ago
Acids turn blue litmus red. Bases or alkalis turn red litmus blue. Neutral solutions don’t change the colour of either red litmus paper or blue litmus paper.
Sridharan N
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5 years ago
Litmus is red in acidic medium blue in basic medium and green in neutral medium. So it is used as an indicator
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5 years ago
Litmus paper is an acid base indicator. It is made of a certain kind of lichens. It turns red in acidic medium and blue in badic or alkaline medium.
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4 years ago
Litmus paper turns blue to red in base and red to blue in acidic soulution. Hsjslakajajgskkzhdjsodhhc
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4 years ago
IF you put the red lithmus paper into the acid it will change into blue color.
If you put the blue lithmus paper into the base it will change into red color.
Alkal is a base so if you put the blue lithus paper into the base it  will change into red color.
Sayantan Garai
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3 years ago
Litmus is blue in base and red in acid.
To remember:
B lue        reD
B ase     aciD
Hope it helps.

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