what is a balance diet .what will happen if we dont have a balance diet

what is a balance diet .what will happen if we dont have a balance diet


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5 years ago
a balanced diet is the one which contains all nutrients in the right quantity. if we do not take a balanced diet we get a deficiency of that nutrient and suffer from deficiency diseases 
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4 years ago
Absence of balanced diet leads to certain deficiency diseases like rickets,anaemia,scurvy,goitre etc.
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4 years ago
A Balanced diet is a diet which contain all the nutrients in correct amount along with adequate quantity of roughage and water. Absence of balanced diet can cause certain deficiency diseases of that nutrient.
praveen kumar
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4 years ago
balanced diet is the diet in which it consists os all the nutrients that the body want such carbohydrates,proteins,vitamins and minerals etc absence of balanced causes several internal problems and become weak,growth rate decreses.effected with dieases like kaswarkhor disease and  many more.

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