state two advantages of drawing distance time graph

 state two advantages of drawing distance time graph


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2 years ago
Heyy! The advantages of drawing a distance-time graph are :
(i) It tells us about the position of the body at any instance of time.
(ii) From the graph, we can see the distance covered by the body during a particular interval of time.
(iii) It also gives us information about the velocity of the body at any instance of time. 
Hope this helps you! :)
Roopam sharma
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2 years ago
Distance time graph gives information about the nature of the motion of an object like uniform or non uniform
2.motion of any object can represent by its distance time graph and it easier to mark too
Sailikith Nallabirudu
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one year ago
it helps in calculating and locating the position of the body more easily. We can represent the given data clearly. it also helps us to find answer in less time.

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