rohan has kept four things - water , sand , salt and iron filings for doing experiment His naughty sister mixed all the things Help him to separate the things .

rohan has kept four things-watersandsalt and iron filings for doing experiment His naughty sister mixed all the things Help him to separate the things. 


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Ayush Anand
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4 years ago
1. Bring a magnet near the mixture , the iron fillings get attracted and separated. 2.mix the rest of solution well and pass it through filter paper , the sand gets deposited and water contain salt is passed out. 3. Now heat the solution in the beaker , the sand is left out while all the water is precipitated .This he can separate all the substance like this.
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4 years ago
First a magnet should be left near the container. This will attract the iron fillings and thus will be separted.Then pass the mixture through a filter paper. The sand will remain in the filter paper and the water and salt will pass through the filter paper. After this is done, heat the solution. The sand will be left in the container and the water will be turned into water vapour. This is how he can separate the substances.
Yuvraj Singh
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4 years ago
Iron could be separated through magnetic separation process..
Sand could be separated through filteration or sedimentation and decantation.
Salt could be separated through evaporation process. 

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