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Q.3. What are natural fibres? Explain with examples.

Q.3. What are natural fibres? Explain with examples.

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 23829 Points
11 months ago
Ans. The fibres obtained from plants and animals are called natural fibres. For example, cotton from cotton bolls, jute from jute plant, silk from cocoon of silkworm and wool from hair of animals like sheep or goat.
Sailikith Nallabirudu
58 Points
5 months ago
Natural fibres can be classified according to their origin. The vegetable, or cellulose-base, class includes such important fibres as cotton,jute,silk. The animal, or protein-base, fibres include wool, mohair, and silk
13 Points
5 months ago
  • Natural fibres: These fibres are naturally obtained from plants and animals. Cotton and jute are fibres obtained from plants. Silk and wool are fibres obtained from animals. 
  • Natural fibres are biodegradable

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