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List out the activities that we perform in our daily life That consume water

List out the activities that we perform in our daily life
That consume water


3 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
one year ago
Dear student 
It helps in cooling down our body and regulates the body temperature.
Aids digestion.
Daily activities like cooking, bathing, washing clothes, vehicles,pets, utensils and watering plants.
Water sports.Swimming, boating, fishing, white water rafting,etc.
Hydropower generation.
25763 Points
one year ago
There are a lot of activities we do in our daily life that uses water. This include:
A. Drinking. Life cannot be sustained without drinking
B. Food is cooked using water
C. Goods are transported in a mode of transport like boats, ships, yachts which use this water as a means of transportation.
D. Water is used for cleaning of utensils, automobiles and also for cleaning our own body.
E. Water is also used as a coolant in many gadgets
915 Points
one year ago
every thing you does as work consumes water even if you are sleeping watching tv etc

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