Is Hydrogen fuel compatible and cheaper to run the vehicles in comparison to petrol or diesel?

Is Hydrogen fuel compatible and cheaper to run the vehicles in comparison to petrol or diesel?

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4 years ago
The costs of developing hydrogen technology are high. Not only do we have to design and develop the fuel cells and the cars, but we have to develop an infrastructure to support these fuel-efficient vehicles. Imagine if you currently owned a hydrogen car. Where would you go to fill your tank? Fuel stations are rare.

With platinum as the most widely used catalyst in the fuel cells, the price of a single fuel cell vehicle is currently more than $100,000 and even perhaps considerably more, which is why the only hydrogen cars available for you to drive at the moment are for lease, not for sale

Hydrogen is a gas and it likes to spread out. Putting it in a car means squeezing it down to a reasonable size, and that isn't easy. Furthermore, hydrogen gets warm while it's sitting in the tank of a parked car, which causes the gas to expand. This means that the tanks have to vent the hydrogen periodically from the car. Leave a hydrogen car sitting around for more than a few days and all the fuel will be gone

A hydrogen fuel cell produces only heat and water as exhaust, but the processes used to create the hydrogen are not necessarily as clean. Electrolysis uses electricity and that electricity will often come from plants that burn coal, a highly polluting source. And when hydrogen is extracted from natural gas, it produces carbon emissions, which is exactly what we're trying to avoid by using hydrogen in the first place.

For all these problems, the cost of using hydrogen becomes higher than petrol or diesel and hence the technology is still under developement
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4 years ago
Diesel fuel contains more energy per litre than petrol and coupled with the fact thatdiesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines, diesel cars are more efficient to run. ... However, when compared to petrol cars with a catalyst, diesels have higher emissions of NOx and much higher emissions of particulate matter.

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