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How is humans makes a baby and what are the advantages of sexual reproduction?

How is humans makes a baby and what are the advantages of sexual reproduction?


1 Answers

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10 months ago
Sexual reproduction involves two parents and the joining of male and female gametes during fertilisation. The offspring inherit a mixture of genes from both parents, so are different to each other and their parents.
The advantages of sexual reproduction:
produces genetic variation in the offspring
the species can adapt to new environments due to variation, which gives them a survival advantage
a disease is less likely to affect all the individuals in a population
In asexual reproduction there is only one parent. The offspring are clones of the parent and each other.
The advantages of asexual reproduction include:
the population can increase rapidly when the conditions are favourable
only one parent is needed
it is more time and energy efficient as you don't need a mate
it is faster than sexual reproduction
The disadvantages of sexual reproduction:
time and energy are needed to find a mate
it is not possible for an isolated individual to reproduce
The disadvantages of asexual reproduction include:
it does not lead to genetic variation in a population
the species may only be suited to one habitat
disease may affect all the individuals in a population
Examples in the natural world
Bacterial reproduction
Bacteria, such as E. coli, reproduce asexually. An advantage of this is that they can produce many bacteria very quickly. A disadvantage is that all of the bacteria are genetically identical. If an antibiotic was used on the bacteria, then all of them would die. The population would be wiped out. The only way for variation to be introduced into the population is by random mutation.

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